Outdoor Date Ideas!

We, the VIVA Drinks people, like to keep active and make the most of our beautiful planet by getting outside as often as possible. This, being the ‘week of love’, gives us the opportunity to share our ideas for the perfect outdoor dates here in the UK! If you want to avoid the cliche’s and do something a little different …

VivadrinksOutdoor Date Ideas!

Detox Tips With A Twist!

Without going into an in-depth paragraph about the importance of detoxing – we will allow our readers to make their own decisions on this! As with any ‘change’ it all begins with YOU and your mindset 1) Hydrate Properly –¬†If you have forgotten what water tastes like then you probably do not drink enough of it. To start the cleansing …

VivadrinksDetox Tips With A Twist!

Planning For An Environmentally Friendly Christmas!

Christmas is a time for us all to cozy up, eat lots of food and enjoy the glow of lights with our nearest and dearest. Christmas can also be a time of excess for many, taking the opportunity to let their hair down and indulge. A bi-product of such indulgence is overuse of energy, wastage of food and the purchasing …

VivadrinksPlanning For An Environmentally Friendly Christmas!

Tips On How To Help Our Dying Environment!

The environment and all of its elements are under incredible pressure in modern times. In the last one hundred years, humanity has accelerated the warming effects of carbon in our atmosphere. Our Ice caps are melting, coral reefs are dying and wild spaces are diminishing with truly horrifying speed. We face a future where our children may not see the …

VivadrinksTips On How To Help Our Dying Environment!

Autumn In England – The Best Places To See.

Nature and getting outside are in our minds, key pillars of having a healthy mind and a healthy body. We live in a beautiful country here in the UK, with enchanted landscapes such as woodlands, downland, moors and many others. Autumn is a stunning time of year to see the colours of nature and explore. The Telegraph compiled a great …

VivadrinksAutumn In England – The Best Places To See.

10 Reasons To LOVE Summer!

  Summer is coming to a close, so we want to make sure that we squeeze the last few sunny drops out of it in style! The chaps at the BBC have given us 10 great reasons to love summer and we couldn’t agree more! Get out there and make the most of it before the cold, dark seasons arrive! …

Vivadrinks10 Reasons To LOVE Summer!

Top Places To See In 2016!

We may be over half way through 2016 and it seems the year has absolutely flown by, but this by no means rules out adventures between August and December! Occasionally if timing and budget permit, it is nice to travel outside of the cliche destinations that many Brits flock to on their holidays. With the help of the experts at …

VivadrinksTop Places To See In 2016!
Fruit Harvest Selection In Bowls

Fruits & Veggies For Summer!

Summer is a time of natural bounty when many kinds of delicious fruits and vegetables appear on shop shelves¬†every day. At VIVA we always take advantage of the Summer’s variety of fruits and vegetables and several of the fruit on the list are packed into our tasty drinks! From the chaps at Business Insider here are 10 types of fruit …

VivadrinksFruits & Veggies For Summer!

Stress Relieving Hobbies!

For us Adults, even the warmer weather of Summer can offer little consolation during times of high stress related to work, home life or any other stressful source. We don’t get a nice long summer holiday like the kids so it is important to know how to handle stress and what can be done to alleviate it. We found a …

VivadrinksStress Relieving Hobbies!

British Summer

British Summer – if it goes well and doesn’t rain for 6 weeks straight – can be quite enjoyable and pleasant! Our rich culture, diversity and heritage brings so many things to the table during the summer months! We discovered a quintessentially British list of 10 Vital components of summer from Oxford Royale Academy and they really hit the nail …

VivadrinksBritish Summer