Action Cameras For Summer!

We the folk at VIVA Drinks are fond of being active and staying adventurous. Summer is very close to being the ever so short reality it always is, so we wanted to do a blog that might help you make the most of it and capture all of your best memories. There are many cameras out there to choose from, …

VivadrinksAction Cameras For Summer!

London In May 2016!

As the weather continues to get warmer and brighter, Londoners spend much more time out and about, exploring the entertainment riches that our capital has to offer! We wanted to give our readers a list of cool events happening in May 2016 in London and we will be doing just that! The only thing is, the guys at Timeout already …

VivadrinksLondon In May 2016!

The Essential, Essential Oils!

We recently found a great little article from Huffington Post about 10 important essential oils, great for aromatherapy and topical use. As we are no experts in essential oils but like to benefit from their use, we have ‘borrowed a blog’ this week! So here you have it, 10 great essential oils as presented by Huffington Post! 1. Tea Tree: …

VivadrinksThe Essential, Essential Oils!

Stay Positive, Be Positive!

We are certainly a glass-half-full bunch at VIVA Drinks, taking the positives out of any situation and transferring that energy into further positivity and achievement! In a fairytale world, this attitude would be ideal if it was always easy to maintain, but it takes work! Sometimes when life provides you with a swift kick to the nether-regions, you must know …

VivadrinksStay Positive, Be Positive!
easter foods

Easter Dishes From Around The World!

We love all kinds of food here at VIVA Drinks and we also hugely appreciate the wonderful variety found between different cultures and geographical areas of the world. This edition of the bi-weekly blog is borrowed from the wonderful folks at the Telegraph who compiled a beautiful collection of Easter Foods from around the world! Please follow the link and enjoy!

VivadrinksEaster Dishes From Around The World!

The Oscars (Leo Wins!)

  This year’s Oscars were marred by industry wide accusations and outcries about a lack of racial diversity. In solidarity, many actors and actresses spoke up about their support of this issue. Other topics surrounding environment, indigenous rights and other global issues were also mentioned by a variety of film industry figures. We always like it when people in a …

VivadrinksThe Oscars (Leo Wins!)

Fruit You Might Have Not Heard Of!

At VIVA Drinks we are familiar with weird and whacky fruit, after all, we mixed pineapple and mangosteen to create a tropical delight in VIVA Focus. There are however, fruits out there you might never have even heard of! We present you with the weirdest and whackiest fruit out there! 1) Langsat – These fruit are found in translucent to lightly cloudy …

VivadrinksFruit You Might Have Not Heard Of!

Want to get Healthy?!

It’s 2016, you started your diet and workout plan so well, but somehow it all still fell apart! Not to worry! VIVA Drinks are here to provide your with the motivational tips you need to get back on track and stay on that track! 1) Remember Why! – Why did you start your workout plan? To feel better about yourself, right? …

VivadrinksWant to get Healthy?!

Unlikely Ski Locations.

When we think of skiing our minds gracefully drift towards images of the European Alps or the North American Rocky mountains, but there are many, many mountainous places on Earth where one can indulge in carving through some fresh powder! Here are VIVA’s most obscure ski destinations. 1) Morocco – The first thought that one would have about Morocco would tend …

VivadrinksUnlikely Ski Locations.

Top 5 Winter Wonderland Destinations.

Embracing cold weather is always a good idea when it is upon us. And what better way to do so than to take a trip to a real winter wonderland where snow and reindeer and Santa..yes…Santa… are very real! So in true VIVA style, here are our top 5 Winter Wonderlands! 1) Banff National Park, Western Canada – In Banff National …

VivadrinksTop 5 Winter Wonderland Destinations.