The Wildest Places On Earth

  We have a thing for adventure at VIVA Drinks and sometimes it is nice to ponder over the most wild and untamed parts of our planet. Here’s a list of some of the wildest places on earth. 1) Siberia – This vast, vast land of forest, mountains, tundra and lakes covers most of Russia. Still home to Tigers and Bears …

VivadrinksThe Wildest Places On Earth

Making The Most Of Rainy Days!

We don’t have to be meteorologists to know that there will be rain, and lots of it, in the coming months on our lovely island! We have compiled a short list of must-do activities if you’re stuck inside on a rainy day! Ranging from the traditional to the creative, here is our list! 1) Movie Marathons – There is little more …

VivadrinksMaking The Most Of Rainy Days!

Staying Hydrated!

Many of you are probably thinking, what a silly topic, we know how to stay hydrated! Thank-you-very-much! There are however, many ways of staying efficiently hydrated and we have compiled them into a convenient VIVA style list! 1) Eat your way to Hydration – One way of staying on top of all your vital hydration needs, is by eating a healthy diet …

VivadrinksStaying Hydrated!

Pumpkin Meal Ideas!

The humble pumpkin, many millions are brutally gutted around the world for the pagan festival of Halloween. They also happen to be rather good eating! We have provided you with 5 fantastic pumpkin meal ideas! Just make sure to check that you have the edible, flavoursome variety! 1) Pumpkin Pie – The traditional pumpkin pie, a delectable seasonal treat which we …

VivadrinksPumpkin Meal Ideas!

The Best Morning Life-Hacks!

Some individuals are quite simply put, not morning people. The morning can be a confusing and stressful time, yanking yourself from a deep sleep to the cold, dreary start to the day, trying to make everything work smoothly so that your journey to work is not spent thinking about what has been forgotten. We have provided the top life-hacks to …

VivadrinksThe Best Morning Life-Hacks!

De-Forestation – The Global Culprits!

We are reaching a critical point in human history as we continue to threaten and destroy the earth’s irreplaceable forests. These forests give us the oxygen we breathe and provide almost all of the world’s land biodiversity. We have listed the countries currently most at fault for the huge losses in forests. In order of the most forest lost, we present …

VivadrinksDe-Forestation – The Global Culprits!

Seasonal Bounties!

The end of Summer can be a sad time for many, it signals a return to school, work and the general glumness of British winter looming in the distance! There are benefits of this time of year however. A big one of these benefits is the plethora of delicious fruits and veg that become readily available in nature’s larder! We …

VivadrinksSeasonal Bounties!

How to Enjoy an Indian Summer!

An Indian Summer is a phenomenon which brings unseasonably warm weather in the months of September, October or November. We have had a few lovely Indian Summers in the UK and we are hoping for another one this year as the end of August looms, so here’s how to best enjoy your unseasonably warm weather, if it happens that is! …

VivadrinksHow to Enjoy an Indian Summer!

Which Oil?

The basis of much of the cooking we do is rooted in oils. There are many differing types of oils and fats with a huge variety of both positive and negative properties. We have gathered information on what the healthiest oils for cooking are and why this is the case. Here is the breakdown. 1) Olive Oil – Olive oil lives …

VivadrinksWhich Oil?

Keeping Cool

As we experience hot weather both now and in the future, it is important to be familiar with the common-sense basics of staying cool and enjoying the heat in a responsible way. Here is our list of tips to keep cool and stay safe! 1) Stay in! – As simple as it may sound, if you are not someone who copes …

VivadrinksKeeping Cool