Our Favourite Kent Beaches!

Kent, The Garden of England. It also happens to have some rather nice beaches to lounge on during the summer months! Without too much chit-chat, here is our short list of lovely spots to spend your weekend. ) Broadstairs – A quaint mixture of old Kent village, sandy beach and intriguing rock, Broadstairs will most definitely charm you this Summer! 2) …

VivadrinksOur Favourite Kent Beaches!

Top 5 Sporting Scandals!

  With all of the world watching the unravelling of the FIFA organisation in the wake of scandalous revelations of corruption, we decided to create a list of the most crazy and shocking sporting scandals! The UK has had it’s fair share but for some reason these American scandals are just more, well scandalous! 1) OJ Simpson – The ex-NFL star …

VivadrinksTop 5 Sporting Scandals!

Tennis Season is Coming!

Ah yes, the deep green leaves hang proudly from our trees and the birds sing in the British sunshine! Although a slightly idyllic picture of British Summer, one cannot disagree that with this time of year comes Tennis, lots of fun, awesome, exhilarating Tennis! We think there is no better way to celebrate the arrival of Wimbledon and the other …

VivadrinksTennis Season is Coming!

Sugar Alternatives!

After attending a conference where the reduction of sugar in soft drinks was very high on the agenda, we thought it would be useful to provide you with a list of some natural sugar alternatives! We cannot categorically claim that these are necessarily ‘better’ for you, but they’re sweet, natural and they are less likely to cause diabetes and dental …

VivadrinksSugar Alternatives!
lady palm

Healthy Plants!

Many look at their household plants as lovely decorations, bringing a bit of greenery and nature into their homes. They can in fact, be much more than that! There are certain plants which produce large amounts of oxygen and can help to literally clean the air in your home, including removing everyday toxins such as formaldehyde. Without further ado, we …

VivadrinksHealthy Plants!

Social Media & Fitness

  The meteoric rise of social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter has given birth to a whole new realm of human interaction. We now have instant access to the lives of the famous and those we idolise, channelling our admiration into the palm of our hands, quite literally. A rising new sector of fame is the fitness/motivation star …

VivadrinksSocial Media & Fitness

Super Fruits!

The term super fruit is thrown around quite flippantly, we have compiled a list which we think contains fruits which genuinely classify as Super-Fruits! 1) Pomegranate – Packed with antioxidants, it has Green tea and Red Wine well beaten for nutritional content and level of antioxidants! 2) Acai Berries – Some may have heard of the South American Acai berry, it contains …

VivadrinksSuper Fruits!

Which Trade Show?

  In our short but enthralling first year, VIVA Drinks have attended several large trade shows as exhibitors. Knowing the importance and relevance of such shows, we have provided our own views and experiences of the shows we have attended. Food & Drink Expo 2014: Located at the NEC in Birmingham, Food & Drink 2014 was our first major trade …

VivadrinksWhich Trade Show?

5 Cleaning Tips for Spring

To some, cleaning is a joyful, wholly satisfying experience, to others, including myself, it is really quite mundane! Having said this, there are not many people who don’t enjoy and benefit from a clean, tidy environment. The VIVA team have put together a short list of cleaning tips and hacks to make your Spring clean a bit easier! 1) Make …

Vivadrinks5 Cleaning Tips for Spring

Wild Food!

In recent years, whether because of our love of freebies, or simply the desire to take part in a ‘RAW’ diet, there has been a growing trend for foraging for your own, wild food. Here in the UK, we are lucky enough to live in a climate that provides us with seasonal snacks in abundance, so we can forage pretty …

VivadrinksWild Food!