Our Botanicals

Here at VIVA we are passionate about finding the finest botanicals to include in our drinks. We are the geeks when it comes to talking about these natural extracts. (as you probably tell from the below!)


Chamomile – A plant in the daisy family, used by the ancient Egyptians to aid fevers, Chamomile is cultivated throughout Europe to this day for its’ relaxing and calming properties!



Fennel – Most may know this Mediterranean plant for its’ uses in the kitchen, but fennel has many, many health benefits and can even aid milk production in in new mums!


Ginko Biloba

Ginko Biloba – Another native of China, this tree can help with cognitive function and has been experimented with in aiding dementia and Alzheimer’s.



Grapeseed – The annoying little seeds you find in your tasty fruit, ironically they’re extremely good for you! The extract from Grape Seeds has strong anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties which make it an ideal addition to our long list of super-ingredients!


Green Tea

Theanine – Extracted from Green Tea originating in China, this extract helps to boost cognitive function alongside caffeine! Essentially it helps your brain do brain things!



Hibiscus – Native in many wonderful parts of the world such as North Africa, Hibiscus has proven to be not only a beautiful, but useful plant with a huge variety of positive health effects. An overall immunity booster, it has earned a place in our powerful Defence ViVA.



Lavender – Whether in the rolling fields of Provence in France, or as far away as India, Lavender has been soothing folks for hundreds of years!


Milk Thistle

Milk Thistle – If your liver met Milk Thistle, they would be great friends! Originally from Southern Europe and Asia, this plant has been destroying toxins for years and we take pride in including it in our Detox Drink!


Passion Flower

Passion Flower – Found throughout the tropics of South America, Asia and North America, the flower of the delicious fruit has been used by indigenous peoples for its’ calming properties and even helping with insomnia!


Prickly Pear

Prickly Pear – This fruit from the Opuntia cactus has its origins in the Americas, but has travelled with man and invaded many hot, dry parts of the world. High in fibre and magnesium this cactus can even be used to purify water, which means it purifies 70% of you too!



Rosehips – The red berries you might see growing on some rose bushes in the UK, Rosehip is a plant with one of the highest contents of Vitamin C in the plant world, further adding strength to our mighty beverage!



Sea Buckthorn – Found across Europe and Asia and used as a popular garden shrub, Sea Buckthorn berries contain 15 times the amount of Vitamin C as oranges! This makes it an obvious choice for our delicious Defence.


Valerian Root

Valerian Root – Valerian was anciently used by the Greeks and Romans as a sedative and in modern times has a reputation as an all-round miracle plant, which is why it’s in our bottles!



Dandelion – This unlikely hero which takes over your garden lawn, is also another buddy for your liver! The fully edible ‘weed’ native to Eurasia and North America has been used for centuries to help with ailments.


Inulin – A type of Fibre found in many plants such as Chicory, Banana and Asparagus, Inulin is great for maintaining your digestive health and goes hand in hand with our detoxifying ingredients!

B Vitamins – Found in a variety of unprocessed whole foods such as pulses, beans, bananas and chillis, these vitamins are vital to your cell maintenance and in turn help to replenish and maintain the functions of your mind!

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