De-Forestation – The Global Culprits!

We are reaching a critical point in human history as we continue to threaten and destroy the earth’s irreplaceable forests. These forests give us the oxygen we breathe and provide almost all of the world’s land biodiversity. We have listed the countries currently most at fault for the huge┬álosses in forests. In order of the most forest lost, we present you with our findings!

(Unit: hectares) Between 2010 – 2015

1. Brazil 984,000

2. Indonesia 684,000

3. Myanmar 546,000

4. Nigeria 410,000

5. Tanzania 372,000

6. Paraguay 325,000

7. Zimbabwe 312,000

8. DR Congo 311,000

9. Argentina 297,000

10. Venezuela 289,000

Aren’t these numbers staggering? We are big supporters of environmental sustainability at VIVA and in future we hope to put significant resources towards helping the cause of the world’s waning natural resources and beautiful places!

VivadrinksDe-Forestation – The Global Culprits!

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