Detox Tips With A Twist!


Without going into an in-depth paragraph about the importance of detoxing – we will allow our readers to make their own decisions on this! As with any ‘change’ it all begins with YOU and your mindset :)

1) Hydrate Properly – If you have forgotten what water tastes like then you probably do not drink enough of it. To start the cleansing process, try drinking several glasses of lemon infused water a day. It will leave you feeling clean, refreshed and hydrated. This allows your internal organs to clean your body more efficiently and flushes out toxins in your (more frequent) urine! Your iPhone can remind you to drink, there is even an app for it!

2) Wean Yourself From Junk – Stopping your eating habits overnight, going cold turkey, does not work for everyone. If you have the will power to do so, then good for you! For those who can’t, try removing the bad things from your diet one by one. That way you won’t feel as hard done by and the transition of protecting your body from bad ingredients will be smoother! Finding alternatives that are healthy and taste good is also key. Fussy junk eaters that shun healthier options are in trouble but not past the point of no return. Force yourself out of your comfort zone and try less sugary vegetable smoothies to get the nutrition you need quickly.

3) Stop Eating/Drinking/Inhaling Poison – Quit smoking, reduce your alcohol consumption and consider the occasional glass of red with a meal, rather than chugging 3 pints after work!

4) Consume Things That Clean You – Milk Thistle, Prickly Pear, Dandelion Root – just a few botanical ingredients that have cleansing properties for the body. Do a little research, the commitment of doing this will make you more serious about turning thoughts into action!

5) Find Your Inner Strength – In just a moment, a detox can be shattered by a greasy kebab. Try planning your meals and having snacks available to battle hungry cravings. Try not to feel sorry for yourself, channel your inner will power and remind yourself the reasons for which you are detoxing!

VivadrinksDetox Tips With A Twist!

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