Fruit You Might Have Not Heard Of!

At VIVA Drinks we are familiar with weird and whacky fruit, after all, we mixed pineapple and mangosteen to create a tropical delight in VIVA Focus.

There are however, fruits out there you might never have even heard of! We present you with the weirdest and whackiest fruit out there!

1) Langsat – These fruit are found in translucent to lightly cloudy segments. When ripe, they are sweet and grapefruit-like!


2) Cherimoya – A fruit which tastes like a cross between a banana and a pineapple, very exotic indeed!


3) Aguajefruit – Native to the Amazon Rainforest, the fruit is typically eaten by scraping the flesh with your teeth to separate it from the seed!


4) Pepino – Somewhere between a Melon and a Pear, this pleasant fruit originated in South America and is now quite widely exported.


5) African Horned Cucumber – This strange looking plant resembles some kind of amphibian more than a cucumber, but it’s full of Vitamin C and fibre so it’s worth a try!


VivadrinksFruit You Might Have Not Heard Of!

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