How to Enjoy an Indian Summer!


An Indian Summer is a phenomenon which brings unseasonably warm weather in the months of September, October or November. We have had a few lovely Indian Summers in the UK and we are hoping for another one this year as the end of August looms, so here’s how to best enjoy your unseasonably warm weather, if it happens that is!

1) Camping - Find yourself a beautiful spot, pop out your tent, build a fire and enjoy. There’s nothing better than looking up at the autumnal stars in weather that feels like summer!

2) Go for a Drive –  A good road trip can be one of those cherished life memories, especially when it’s during the time of year that should be plagued with rain, cold and cloud! Pick a route, pack a picnic and go enjoy the best of the Autumn sun!

3) Visit a City! – If you’re not currently residing in a city, then why not take a trip during a spell of Indian Summer, the atmosphere in London is always fantastic on a beautiful, warm autumn day.

4) Have a BBQ - Gather the family and friends and cook up a storm! Follow up with stories by the bonfire as the night turns chilly!

5) Live Life Naturally – Whatever it is that you do, make sure you get outdoors and have fun! We know we will!

VivadrinksHow to Enjoy an Indian Summer!

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