Keeping Cool


As we experience hot weather both now and in the future, it is important to be familiar with the common-sense basics of staying cool and enjoying the heat in a responsible way. Here is our list of tips to keep cool and stay safe!

1) Stay in! - As simple as it may sound, if you are not someone who copes well with high levels of heat then do your best to avoid it, even if that means spending a few extra hours indoors until the temperatures become slightly more bearable!

2) Drink MORE – Staying hydrated is an obvious must during a heat event however it has to be stressed that drinking more than usual is necessary to safely enjoy hot weather. A conveniently sized bottle of VIVA is a great solution for someone on the go to stay topped up with fluid. Make sure you also drink plenty of good old water in-between!

3) Dress Lightly – If you know that the next week will be a stuffy one, plan your outfits accordingly so that public transport feels more bearable in the busy city!

4) Take It Easy – Heat can be extremely draining even if we don’t immediately realise it. Many people do not realise they have sun stroke or heat exhaustion until some time after the sun exposure. If you know it will be sweltering then limit your physical exertion, particularly if you are feeling weak or unwell.

5) Have Water Fights! - Although this may not always be the viable option to keep cool, a good old splash in cold water will most definitely alleviate the weight of a hot day. Alternatively have a cold shower or even splash your face in the sink, it all helps!

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