Making The Most Of Rainy Days!


We don’t have to be meteorologists to know that there will be rain, and lots of it, in the coming months on our lovely island! We have compiled a short list of must-do activities if you’re stuck inside on a rainy day! Ranging from the traditional to the creative, here is our list!

1) Movie Marathons - There is little more of a comforting scenario than to be comfortably embedded in a duvet cocoon while it pours with rain outside. Throw in a trilogy or entire season of your favourite show and you have yourself a grade A rainy day remedy, perfect for a relaxing Sunday.

2) Read A Book – The beautiful thing about books is that they cater to so many of our daily needs and curiosities. There is one for everyone, whether you want motivation or information there is one for you! Save some trees and get an E-book instead on your favourite portable device.

3) Exercise – Take the day by the reins and take your anger at the bad weather out with a home work-out! There are many options which are affordable and genuinely effective such as P90X or Insanity. Alternatively, buy some weights and create your own workout plans!

4) Eat – The opposite of exercise, rainy days are usually an excuse for a pizza, or other form of deliciously guilty food. As part of a balanced diet, there is nothing wrong with indulging on a rainy Sunday.

5) Board Games – A great way to cause an argument among a group of friends or family, the humble board game has been the regular assistant for rainy days for as long as…a very long time.

6) Actual Games – The video game is a solid choice for a small dose of adrenaline on a dreary evening, especially with the consoles now available on the market! Football fans will likely know the allure of the FIFA games and we at VIVA Drinks are guilty as charged!

VivadrinksMaking The Most Of Rainy Days!

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