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The Viva journey…so far

Once in a land far far away

Our whacky story begins on the equally whacky Venice beach, LA. In the relentless California heat refreshments were required! Amongst the sugary, artificially coloured drink options we found something unknown to us, the Functional health drinks.
This revelation of flavour, goodness and refreshment had us really impressed. Back home in the UK we decided to make our own versions and take on the sugary soft drink giants!

Time to make some drinks

Like a pair of mad scientists, we set about creating concoctions leading towards our own Healthy, Delicious Wellness drink. Progress was good and the day of reckoning was soon upon us. Pursue our dream, or stay in our secure city jobs?

A good drinking game

With our very first bottle of the original formula, we played a daring game of Spin the Bottle, one chance of giving it all up, one chance of making our dream a reality. The tension as the shiny plastic spun was huge, but our decision was soon made and VIVA was born.

In for a penny, in for a pound

We set about finding a real lab and a real nutritionist to take our product forward and ended up with one of the best ones out there! We met someone called Fred and he helped us create the VIVA you know and love today!
Since then the VIVA team has grown, but the passion for creating honest quality drinks is the same since day1. We now spend most of our time making sure VIVA can help you Live Life Naturally.

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