Outdoor Date Ideas!


We, the VIVA Drinks people, like to keep active and make the most of our beautiful planet by getting outside as often as possible.

This, being the ‘week of love’, gives us the opportunity to share our ideas for the perfect outdoor dates here in the UK! If you want to avoid the cliche’s and do something a little different for your crush, take notes!

1) A Sea-side stroll - With the thousands of miles of coast that we have in the UK, there is no excuse not to drive a few miles to your local beach and go for a sunset stroll, the sound of the waves, oysters on the dock and the occasional aggressive seagull are sure to make your date swoon over you as you take in the sights and smells of the sea.

2) A Hike – The rolling hills of the UK’s countryside create a sense of romance for many people. Grab a pair of Wellington boots, pack some healthy snacks and head out on the lovely trails, enjoying the British wildlife and scenery. The fresh air and beautiful sights will surely make your date a success.

3) Mountain Biking – There are many courses in the UK for beginners, so if you are looking to get your date’s blood flowing, then check out your closest outdoor mountain biking facility. The muddy tracks will make it a date to remember!

4) Bird Watching - Not everyone’s cup of tea, but spending time by a lake or river, quietly observing the natural world, would definitely be considered romantic by some. Memories made in the outdoors last forever!

5) Equestrian Adventure – There is nothing that quite compares to scooping up your crush on horse back, like a 15th century prince. My first experience on a horse was a little bit scary, so we won’t discuss that. But look into your local stable, they may have some guided lessons and rides through the countryside for you to experience!

VivadrinksOutdoor Date Ideas!

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