Planning For An Environmentally Friendly Christmas!

Christmas is a time for us all to cozy up, eat lots of food and enjoy the glow of lights with our nearest and dearest. Christmas can also be a time of excess for many, taking the opportunity to let their hair down
and indulge. A bi-product of such indulgence is overuse of energy, wastage of food and the purchasing of arguably, unnecessary gifts.

Our planet is undeniably suffering, so if you care about our Earth, consider planning your festive period to be a little more GREEN!

1) Buy a real tree – Surely that’s worse than re-using a plastic tree? You’d be wrong! Plastic trees almost always end up in landfills where they do not biodegrade and pollute the environment for years! A real tree does not require any petroleum products for manufacturing and are now sustainably farmed to help create oxygen and prevent deforestation.

2) Do NOT Waste Food! – Many of our food products travel thousands of miles to reach us and have environmental impacts on the landscapes where they are farmed. Meat uses huge quantities of water and fossil fuels for farming and transportation, consider more vegetarian options that are locally grown to mix it up with the turkey.

3) Update your lights! – Lower power usage LED lights can replace traditional lights and conserve lots of energy in the meantime. Search the web for ECO friendly Christmas lights!

4) Think about your Gifts – What impact are the gifts you buy having? Are they impacting the environment? Take some time to do your research, if everyone did this, the World would stand a fighting chance! Consider buying a used item and re-decorating it as a gift!

VivadrinksPlanning For An Environmentally Friendly Christmas!

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