Pumpkin Meal Ideas!


The humble pumpkin, many millions are brutally gutted around the world for the pagan festival of Halloween.

They also happen to be rather good eating! We have provided you with 5 fantastic pumpkin meal ideas! Just make sure to check that you have the edible, flavoursome variety!

1) Pumpkin Pie – The traditional pumpkin pie, a delectable seasonal treat which we recommend spicing with flavours such as cinnamon to provide comfort on gloomy autumn days!

2) Pumpkin Ice Cream –  A more obscure idea for those of you with ice-cream makers, pumpkin ice cream is an autumn flavoured treat allowing summer lovers to relive some of the past in the present! Especially delicious served with hot caramel sauce and a warm spiced apple!

3) Pumpkin Chilli – The same way you would make a butternut squash chilli, pumpkin is a great addition to a warming chilli and offers variety from every day veg!

4) Pumpkin Soup – Nothing screams autumn like a thick, delicious soup! Try Pumpkin and carrot as a base combination for your soup! Top with generous shavings of parmesan!

5) Crispy Pumpkin Seeds – Gut your pumpkin, collect the seeds, clean them, place them on a baking tray, soak with a little oil and season with salt, pepper and any other spices you desire! Bake until crispy and golden.

VivadrinksPumpkin Meal Ideas!

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