Seasonal Bounties!


The end of Summer can be a sad time for many, it signals a return to school, work and the general glumness of British winter looming in the distance!

There are benefits of this time of year however. A big one of these benefits is the plethora of delicious fruits and veg that become readily available in nature’s larder! We have put together a list of the best end-of-summer fruits and veggies for you to enjoy!

1) Stone Fruit – This includes fruits in the plum, peach and cherry family! Many of these fruits start ripening through the month of August and continue well into September. Perfect to snack on or throw in a delicious pie or crumble!

2) Orchard Fruit – Encompassing Apples & Pears, this group of fruit often doesn’t become ready to eat until the Autumn, but there are some varieties which begin ripening towards the end of summer. A staple of the British fruit bowl, we often forget that these are in fact, seasonal fruits which we are lucky enough to get all year round thanks to modern growing techniques and international transportation.

3) Tomatoes – We associate Tomatoes with the warmer months and they do start becoming naturally available as soon as June, but in the right conditions you could be picking these delicious and healthy fruits well into September and even October!

4) Squashes – Including favourites such as pumpkins, courgettes and butter-nut squash, are available throughout summer and well into winter! Versatile and delicious, you are free to make soups, pies, stews and even curries with this group of natural treats!

5) Corn – The imagery that we associate with corn paints pictures of harvests of days gone by, low setting sun and a beautiful yellow food source that  has been a staple of humanity for generations! Corn is important for a variety of culinary uses and in warmer climes may even be harvested as late as October!


VivadrinksSeasonal Bounties!

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