Slicing Out Sugar …

Here at ViVA, we feel very passionately about the health and wellbeing of our consumers. This is why, with the new evidence suggesting that sugar is the bad guy in our modern lives, we have made it our goal to work with ActionOnSugar and our manufacturers to never be as harmful to you as our competitors.


As you may have heard from many reliable sources, (such as The Telegraph, The Guardian, and many new scientist reports) sugar is not your friend, and the excessive consumption of sugar can do some real damage to your body and your mind. With this being the theory, you’d have thought some of the bigwigs in the drinks industry would have offered you the goods, but unfortunately they have not!

Innocent, as an example, have recently launched a range of drinks that are meant to offer you a functionality like ours, but what they haven’t told you is that one portion of any of those drinks will contain a whopping 50 grams of your daily sugar intake … that’s 56% of your daily sugar!!

Glaceau VitaminWater, who you may well have heard of, are also under fire because all of their sugar is completely and utterly added sugar!! This is the real nasty stuff and whilst you can have up to 90 grams of sugar a day in total, you’re meant to have mainly natural sugars which are from the likes of fruits and plants – just like ours!

These are the sorts of reasons that we want to be an ambassador for the ActionOnSugar campaign. Their inspirational action is the sort of thing us Brits used to be known for, but it’s the likes of sugar that has made us a sit-down nation who don’t want to make a noise or a fuss about something that is wrong!! ActionOnSugar are fighting for the reduction of sugar in so many of the foods and drinks we all so readily consume and we are on board!


We’d like to give you some details on our drinks:

ViVA Mind contains 16.5 grams of carbohydrates, which is what sugar is when it all boils down to it. Of that Carbohydrate content, 15.2 grams is made up of natural sugars.

ViVA Detox contains 20 grams of carbohydrates throughout (oop, a little higher), but then only contains 15.5 grams of natural sugars.

ViVA Defence, our guiltiest of the group, still only contains 22 grams of carbohydrates, and only 20 grams of which are sugars – pretty guilt free if you compare it to some of the competition.

And finally, our tasty little shining star, ViVA Calm. You can enjoy this one and will only find 8 grams of carbohydrates throughout, with 7.6 grams being naturally occurring sugars.

It’s only a matter of time really, until the whole world is finding the need to eat and drink with natural steviol sweeteners as opposed to sugar … but we thought we’d get there first, and so we hope you enjoy our tasty little beverages, with that tasty little halo you’ll find on your head.

Kick the sugar – Go ViVA Drinks!

VivadrinksSlicing Out Sugar …

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