Stay Positive, Be Positive!


We are certainly a glass-half-full bunch at VIVA Drinks, taking the positives out of any situation and transferring that energy into further positivity and achievement! In a fairytale world, this attitude would be ideal if it was always easy to maintain, but it takes work! Sometimes when life provides you with a swift kick to the nether-regions, you must know how to tackle it and keep going! Here are our tips!

1) Think Positively – Negativity can lead to a downward spiral of emotions – anger, sadness, pain. When things get tough, you must battle to keep positive thoughts at the forefront of your mind. Whatever the gravity of the situation, as an individual you must maintain your happiness as best you can. Leaving yourself notes and reminders to be positive can really start to shape your way of thinking if you commit to it.

2) Take Care of your Temple! – The human body is a magical creation of nature, our blood courses with chemicals that tell us how to feel and sometimes how to think. Make sure when you eat and drink, you are eating healthily! It is also important to educate yourself on the differing values of foods. Being positive is often a state of mind, so make sure you eat foods that benefit the brain!

3) Don’t suffer in silence! – If something truly bothers you or is making it difficult for you to feel positive, you should share this with someone who cares about you, the old saying ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’ goes a long way. Sometimes a few words of encouragement are enough to change your day and help you reach your goals.

4) Set Goals & Targets – Whether trying to achieve something in business, or in personal life, goal setting is important. Having your eye on your ideal scenario will help to keep your mentality positive as you work towards it, but remember lots of small steps will be easier than giant leaps!

5) Keep a good Circle! – Are the people around you positive? Do they encourage and support your ideas and your plans? You will answer this question very quickly in your mind but confronting negativity is not always easy. If someone is a Negative Nigel, take a break from them and focus on those who really have your back!

6) Get a Pet – Unlike humans, pets don’t judge, they live for their relationship with their family members! Although some of you may not be animal people, a dog can really brighten up your bad day when it greets you at the door with tail wagging! Having the added responsibility can also put some things into perspective, depending on your situation of course!

7) Keep on, Keepin’ On – Determination is the invisible force which drives us through life, if you work on having the will to get through negative situations, reaching the positivity will get easier! Ask yourself what you want to achieve and who you are doing it for, often the answer will drive you on!

8) Smile – A smile a day keeps the sadness away! Smiling involves the movement of facial muscles when the brain is stimulated by a feeling of happiness and positivity. Even if you don’t feel like smiling, shoot someone else a smile and when they reciprocate, you will see the value of a smile!

VivadrinksStay Positive, Be Positive!

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