Staying Hydrated!


Many of you are probably thinking, what a silly topic, we know how to stay hydrated! Thank-you-very-much!

There are however, many ways of staying efficiently hydrated and we have compiled them into a convenient VIVA style list!

1) Eat your way to Hydration – One way of staying on top of all your vital hydration needs, is by eating a healthy diet packed with fruits and veg! These naturally contain large amounts of water which help your body and brain to function, not to mention the added minerals and vitamins on offer.

2) Drink Regularly – Downing 3 pints of water at the end of the day doesn’t really count. If you drink at regular intervals, you will ensure that the hydration is constant and most efficient!

3) Don’t Wait – Don’t wait until you’re feeling the thirst, it means it’s too late and you’re already mildly dehydrated! To stay on top of this you can find apps which remind you to drink! Modern technology, love it!

4) The Pee Indicator - If your pee is light, you’re good to go, if it is dark you are most likely suffering from dehydration. A common example of this is after a long night’s sleep! Make sure you Wake’N’Chug a few glasses of the clear stuff to get your organs fired up for the day!

5) Avoid Certain Things – Certain beverages high in sugar or other nasties can actually ruin the benefit of the liquid you’re consuming and lead to faster dehydration. If you want to stay authentic with your hydration methods, stick with water or switch to a drink like VIVA, made from only natural and delicious ingredients, still guaranteed to aid your hydration!

VivadrinksStaying Hydrated!

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