Sunshine, ViVA Drinks and Happiness …

Happiness is so important and with the sun on its way, it’s time to start thinking about the glorious smile that it tends to bring along with it – Time spent with friends, Ice creams, Sunglasses, Tanning, Beaches, Toning and everything in between!!

If you’ve not seen our video, we’d love you to take a little look above. Our ethos is one that resides around happiness, and whilst the sun is on its way, we want you to get prepped for showing those gleamers!!

Here are our tips:

Laughing Man

Laugh – Laughing is one of the most incredible medicines for any illness. It fills you up with glee and allows you to project that wonderful feeling onto others. Make sure this year to surround yourself with people whom can offer you those laughs. Now, they may seem like they’re just the little things, but when you look back, you’ll realise they were the big things.


Exercise – Exercising releases Endorphins that are a natural aid to feeling glum, and so hold massive importance in boosting your happiness in the Summer months. Whilst the sun provides all of the Vitamin D you could ever wish for, if you mix it with the endorphins you’ll release through running, cycling, skating or swimming then you’ll be feeling great, looking gorgeous, and ready for the anything and everyone!!


Keep Hydrated – Though we hate to be the party poopers, you had better keep yourselves hydrated this year. The sun is an easy friend, but many have been caught off guard by this one, and so make sure to keep drinking and stay safe whilst the sun is out and the good times are flowing.


Smile, even when you don’t want to – It might seem a silly one, but sometimes things don’t go right even though the sun is out. The best advice we’ve ever been given is to smile, even in times when you really don’t want to. According to Diener and Biswas-Diener, happy people put effort in to being happy – when they look back to the past, they savour the high points. Give this a go and we’re sure you’ll feel much better before long and be able to take on the gleaming day!!

bungee jumper falling from cliff

Try something new – Daredevils often lead lives that others covet … this is because we all reckon that they’re fearless. The truth is, they fear just as much as we do … but they push themselves and enjoy the outcomes. This Summer, give something that you’ve never done before a go, maybe even something that scares you – you could end up surprising yourself, learning something new, and having a great time!!

When the sun is out, Live Life.

VivadrinksSunshine, ViVA Drinks and Happiness …

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