The Best Morning Life-Hacks!


Some individuals are quite simply put, not morning people. The morning can be a confusing and stressful time, yanking yourself from a deep sleep to the cold, dreary start to the day, trying to make everything work smoothly so that your journey to work is not spent thinking about what has been forgotten.

We have provided the top life-hacks to help you through the stressful mornings!

1) Prep, Prep, Prep! –  Prepare your breakfast the night before, have it planned out, make time for an appetite as breakfast will be your best friend long past the morning hours. It is a crucial start to the day!

2) Coffee – Have your favourite, hot caffeine charged beverage ready to go the night before, if you’re an instant drinker, have the granules in your mug! If you make espresso, have your beans ground and ready to go!

3) Hydrate – Imagine this, your organs have been sleeping for 7-8 hours. The best way to fire them back up again is through good hydration first thing in the morning! Chug a pint of water and notice how the world around you opens up and the morning clouds lift away from your thought process!

4) Do not SNOOZE – Pressing the snooze button essentially throws you into an incomplete sleep cycle, meaning that you are not going through the stages required for a ‘successful sleep’! Try to stay asleep until your actual wake up-get up time!

5) Make the Front Door your friend! – Place all essentials by the door so that no folder, book, wallet, keys or anything else of importance get left behind! It will save you plenty of hassle!



VivadrinksThe Best Morning Life-Hacks!

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