The Wildest Places On Earth



We have a thing for adventure at VIVA Drinks and sometimes it is nice to ponder over the most wild and untamed parts of our planet. Here’s a list of some of the wildest places on earth.

1) Siberia – This vast, vast land of forest, mountains, tundra and lakes covers most of Russia. Still home to Tigers and Bears and lots of unexplained events it is surely one of the least explored regions on earth.

2) The South Pacific – Made up of thousands of islands and spanning thousands of miles in the worlds largest ocean, the South Pacific encompasses some of the most untouched and pristine marine habitats on earth. The stuff dreams are made of.

3) The Sahara Desert – Millions of square miles of sand, scorching sun, cliffs and ancient ruins, the Sahara desert is a lawless and unforgiving region in the Northern part of the African continent. The sand from this mighty arid expanse even fertilises the Amazon rainforest thousands of miles away, which leads nicely up to the next point!

4) The Amazon - The largest unbroken expanse of tropical forest in the world. Home to the richest biodiversity on our Earth, it also harbours darker things such as drug traffickers, paramilitaries, and bandits in many of the countries which host its vast expanse.

5) Antarctica – This ice covered desert in the southern hemisphere locks up most of the world’s ice at it’s polar cap. Home to Penguins, Whales, Seals and not really much else (apart from other birds or similar animals), it is not a place where you would choose to live for an extended period of time. There is no vegetation and -70C is a realistic temperature in the continent’s interior.

6) The Tibetan Plateau – A wild, frozen land located high above the clouds, the tibetan plateau is the last stronghold of many rare animals such as the Chiru. Nomadic peoples inhabit this huge area of land although it must be a challenge when considering the harsh conditions.

7) Papua New Guinea – One of the least explored jungle regions on earth, Papua New Guinea speaks dozens of different languages and the high, steep mountain valleys have led to many years of evolutionary quirks in animals and plants. It was also commonly known that previous generations of tribesmen openly participated in Cannibalism in some of the countries most remote regions.

8) Northern Canada/Alaska - The northern section of the North American continent is host to some of the wildest places on the planet. Home to Wolves, Bears, Wolverines, Elk, Moose and Lynx, the mountains and forests of these lands are some of the last virgin lands left on our home planet.

9) Australia – This immense island continent ranges from mountains to deserts to tropical rainforest to the earth’s largest coral reef system. There are countless isolated locations and a low population ensures that you often feel like the only one out there.

VivadrinksThe Wildest Places On Earth

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