Tips On How To Help Our Dying Environment!


The environment and all of its elements are under incredible pressure in modern times. In the last one hundred years, humanity has accelerated the warming effects of carbon in our atmosphere. Our Ice caps are melting, coral reefs are dying and wild spaces are diminishing with truly horrifying speed. We face a future where our children may not see the wonders of this earth; animals, landscapes and ecosystems potentially lost for all eternity.

So what can we do to help?

1) Eat Less Cow – The farming and production of cow meat accounts for catastrophic amounts of green house gases being released into our atmosphere. It is also a huge strain on land and water resources. Cutting down on beef is your way of reducing your personal impact. Take ownership, there may be just one of YOU, but there are billions of US.

2) Invest in Renewable energy – Solar and wind energy are becoming more affordable and attainable to regular people. Installing solar panels on your house is one way of helping to offset the amount of fossil fuel we burn and being self sufficient, saving money in the long run.

3) Switch your transport – Trade in your vehicle for a hybrid, or a form of public transport where possible. This will certainly reduce your own impact on the environment.

4) Speak up – Do not be silent on this issue, speak with friends, family & co-workers. Remember that this is an IMMEDIATE problem that needs IMMEDIATE solutions!

5) Take Accountability – If you went and ransacked your neighbours garden, you would most likely have to face up to the consequences! You would take accountability for your actions. This is what we must do in order to have a chance of fixing our broken planet. DO NOT PUT YOUR HEAD IN THE SAND! Your children may not have the opportunities you do.

VivadrinksTips On How To Help Our Dying Environment!

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