Top 5 Winter Wonderland Destinations.


Embracing cold weather is always a good idea when it is upon us. And what better way to do so than to take a trip to a real winter wonderland where snow and reindeer and Santa..yes…Santa… are very real! So in true VIVA style, here are our top 5 Winter Wonderlands!

1) Banff National Park, Western Canada – In Banff National Park you will find countless frozen waterfalls, epic vistas and world class ski resorts. With unusual amounts of sunshine for such a rugged region, you will be pleasantly surprised as you cruise through the parks magical landscape.

2) Iceland – If your idea of a Winter Wonderland is Lord of The Rings style scenery, then look no further than the island of Iceland. Located just a few hours away from London, the dramatic moonscape of this beautiful country will captivate you without question. The Blue Lagoon natural thermal spring is also well worth a visit!

3) Lapland – Geographically stretching over several European countries, lapland is the northern-most part of our continent and is home to pillowy expanses of pristine snow, forests and adventure. Take a trip and rent a cabin, making sure to check out the stunning Northern Lights while you’re there.

4) Lake Bled, Slovenia – Straight out of a fairy tale, the church situated on the island on Lake Bled is beautiful to behold in a snowy landscape. Just a few hours flight from the UK, this part of Slovenia makes our list as one of our favourite winter destinations.

5) Greenland - If you really want to see the true meaning of Winter, a trip to the coast of Greenland is about as wild as you can get! The epic glaciers are in decline, but are still there to be seen in their majesty for the time being.

VivadrinksTop 5 Winter Wonderland Destinations.

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