Unlikely Ski Locations.


When we think of skiing our minds gracefully drift towards images of the European Alps or the North American Rocky mountains, but there are many, many mountainous places on Earth where one can indulge in carving through some fresh powder! Here are VIVA’s most obscure ski destinations.

1) Morocco – The first thought that one would have about Morocco would tend to be of a hot and quite arid place but the High Atlas Mountains are high and cold enough to receive genuinely decent dumps of snow. From our research we saw that there are two main resorts that operate through the winter on quite a DIY basis.

2) Iran – Iran boasts some seriously beautiful and rugged mountain country, still harbouring animals like the leopard! It also has a lot of ski potential! Shemshak is one of the resorts we discovered that has well groomed slopes and good off piste conditions!

3) Australia - Yes, the land Down Under actually has mountains that receive and hold enough snow for people to be able to ski and snowboard! Perisher is the largest resort in Australia and has a variety of runs.

4) Lesotho – More for the die-hard adventurers than the average powder lover, the mountains of the small African nation don’t get a huge amount of snow, but just to say you did it would be pretty cool!

5) Greece – Most travel to Greece for the turquoise mediterranean waters and lovely heat, but you can ski there too! The resort area in Parnassos is apparently a favourite among locals!

6) Hawaii – Probably the most unlikely place to ski of all, the tropical islands are home to Mauna Kea which receives decent snowfalls between December and February. Definitely one for the extreme snow sporters!

VivadrinksUnlikely Ski Locations.

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