Want to get Healthy?!

It’s 2016, you started your diet and workout plan so well, but somehow it all still fell apart! Not to worry! VIVA Drinks are here to provide your with the motivational tips you need to get back on track and stay on that track!

1) Remember Why! - Why did you start your workout plan? To feel better about yourself, right? To IMPROVE yourself? If this is the case, then you really have no reason not to continue with it! Correct us if we’re wrong!

2) Just Do It – Don’t think twice about going for your workout or choosing the healthier food option, simply just go and get it done with! Don’t allow your inner manipulator to change your mind!

3) How does it feel? – Do you feel bad and guilty when you skip a workout? Do you feel great and refreshed after a workout? Does the chocolate regret kick in when you skip on the celery? Be mindful of how you feel when you begin failing on your workout plan or eating routine. No one likes to feel bad or guilty, so why not cut out those emotions altogether!

4) Phone a Friend – Contact someone who won’t stand for you giving up, someone who has always given you that extra push that you needed, it might in fact, be all you need to get back on track!

5) Get Musical – Music can have an intense effect on our emotions and can give us the drive we need to succeed in physical tasks! Make a pumping playlist that won’t allow you to feel like a slouch and get back on that treadmill!


VivadrinksWant to get Healthy?!

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