We Love Life Hacks …

Life hacks are by far the most interesting and useful little tips you’ll ever see anywhere. They’re the simple things in life that make everything seem better, and although that might seem like the boldest statement you’ve heard all day, we challenge anyone to find 10 things that are even more interesting, simple, and free:

1 – When trying to take a key off, or put a key on a keyring, open up the keyring with a staple remover to keep from having your fingernails absolutely and positively ruined – painful memories:


2 – To keep gift wrap-rolls from unravelling (what a tongue twister that is), cut down a finished toilet roll card and place it around your gift wrap – since it has been in that position for so long, it’ll keep the round shape:


3 – If you know you’ve dropped something small on the ground, but aren’t quite sure where, cover your vacuum cleaner head with a pair of tights and search around for the missing object. It’ll get caught in the tights and you can pick it straight up:


4 – Bagels, though delicious, are relatively annoying to store … unless you make your own CDs and can store them perfectly within a cd holder reel. Yep, it’s as simple as that, music and food going hand in hand:


5 – Taking the bin-bag out of the bin has been a real pain for some time now, mainly because of the suction whilst trying to pull … well, if you chuck a couple of holes towards the bottom of your bin, then the suction element will be lost and you can peacefully take out the trash:


6 – Everyone loses remote controls. We do, and you do, so there’s no point trying to deny it. Attach some velcro to the back of your remote controls, and then attach some velcro to a safe place – make it a habit to put the remotes back onto their velcro counterparts and never lose those controls again:


7 – If you have a biscuit with a creamy centre, and want to dunk without getting your hands all wet, chuck a fork in the cream and dunk to your heart’s content – it’ll taste amazing:


8 – Broken zip on your favourite pair of jeans? No problem anymore, using the first life hack we offered in this post, open up a keyring and attach it round the little hole in your zipper – attach THAT keyring to your button and your zip will never fall down again:


9 – This is a great one for all of you ViVA Lovers out there. Cut the top off of a bottle, open up the lid, stick through a partially used packet that you’d like to keep fresh, open out the packet over the lid opening, and screw the lid back on – fresh as a daisy:


10 – We’ve all managed to lend a DVD to a friend, only to forget who it was, and what DVD it was in the first place. If you ever lend anything to anyone again, as soon as it is in their hands, take a picture and keep it on your phone until they give it back – you’ll remember what it was you lent, and who you lent it to:


That’s our lot!! We think these little snippets of information will make your life a whole lot easier and hope that, with the help of these little nuggets, you can get on, Live Life, and enjoy every minute!!

VivadrinksWe Love Life Hacks …

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